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Expecto Status? Expect away.: Have some fun tattoo regret!


Not mine.

I quite like mine.

No, no, the person who has the regret here is my wife’s son.

You see, he turned 18, the first thing he did was run out to get ALL THE TATTOOS. It was his birthday present to himself! AND HE WAS GOING TO LOOK BADASS AND AWESOME!

He didn’t put much thought into them…

I respect this soooo, sooo much. A good friend of mine gave me some good advice: 

Take the image or drawing of what ever it is you think you want to get a tattoo of and put it almost anywhere that you know you’ll look at it at least a few times a day, if not all day. Do this for about a year or longer. If you dont get tired of looking at it, you may be alright getting it as a tattoo. 

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